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Hunter Valley H Boutique Property

Hunter Valley Eco Friendly

A Fully Self Sufficient Life Style

Protecting the environment, wisely utilising natural resources and being self-sufficient is very important at H Boutique Hotel. So important, they have gone above and beyond to give you a totally eco-friendly experience, right in the heart of the gorgeous Hunter Valley.

Imagine no emissions, no greenhouse gases, no pollutants, no wasted water or energy coming from huge power stations - H Boutique Hotel has raised the bar in “green credentials” in Hunter Valley Accommodation.

H Boutique Hotel recognises that population increases globally, changing climatic conditions and the world’s expanding reliance on water, cooling, heating and power is depleting our richest resources and contaminating the clean air, land and water we enjoy. Australia is a dry continent and water is a luxury they don’t want to waste, so they have invested in harvesting roof water into tanks to save this most precious resource. Rainwater is harvested from the roof tops of the homesteads, stored in a large tank, filtered and UV sanitised for use in all areas of the Hotel from the relaxing showers you enjoy to the nourishing the lush gardens.

Waste water is no exception; environmentally-friendly septic systems have been installed to ensure that all water is disposed of in a thoughtful and ecologically sound manner.

The Pokolbin region of the Hunter Valley is famous for its beautiful climate and H Boutique Hotel has wisely capitalised on this by installing a total solar system to power the entire resort. Yes, H Boutique Hotel is entirely “off-the-grid” self-sufficient, with 100% of its power needs coming from an impressive Solar 70,000 VA Inverter/Charger system backed up by a 28 KW Tie Inverter. In fact, H Boutique Hotel goes further in their sustainability, by storing excess power in batteries for use at night or on cloudy days. They also have a backup generator to ensure any unforeseen circumstances are completely covered.

When driving at night, please be mindful of the wildlife. Kangaroos are a part of our environment and are regularly bounding across roads. Hitting one will not be a good start to your stay in the Hunter Valley.

If we all do our part, we have the ability to make huge differences in our energy saving. The global environment has the potential to be hugely affected by our actions. Small changes can make big differences.

H Boutique Eco Friendly Hotel:

  • 100% off the grid and self sufficient via solar power 70,000 VA Inverter/Charger system.
  • Rainwater is harvested from the rooftops of the homesteads, stored in a large tank, filtered and UV sanitised for use in all areas of the Hotel.
  • Waste water collection via environmentally friendly septic systems.
  • Excess power storage in batteries for use at night or on cloudy days
  • Electrical appliances all have low energy requirements.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated in supporting the H Boutique Hotel to offer a ‘green getaway’

H Boutique Hotel not only ensures you the most restful escape imaginable, but the “greenest” getaway too!


Relax & Revitalize in the Beautiful Hunter Valley